Director John Mese writes

Several hours later, the drive back to New Orleans behind us, Eddie and I met with Bill Arceneaux for an hour long pod-cast on The Propaganda Film Report which had been set up for us by Eddie’s cousin’s wife, Mandy Pumilia. We met Bill at a coffee shop somewhere in Metairie. He was young, smart, funny…and loved our movie!!! We left feeling pretty jazzed…and pretty jacked up on all this extra coffee.

Starts at 23:50 –

Bill’s review of King of Herrings, where he gives us 5 out of 5 stars, and announces us as his pick for Best Louisiana Feature starts at 23:07 here:


He was going to be on WWL, the top rated local morning show in New Orleans!  AND the show that Eddie’s mom watches every day! This was the golden chalice of our press junket, scored by the COMBINED WORK of; Eddie’s old roommate Neil, Jill at Gallinghouse, and again, Mandy, Eddie’s cousin’s wife. It really was kind of incredible that with so many huge films in town for the festival…that WE ended up in this prime slot! Co-Anchor of the show, Mike Hoss seemed to know more about King of Herrings then we did…and with his awesome line of questioning, Eddie finally knocked it out of the park!  All charm baby! Let the host do the heavy lifting!



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